Christian Nationalism, Dominionism, and how screwed do you want to be?

Several years ago I swore off on politics. Since Trump, aka The Prickodent, started running for president I knew we were mostly screwed. Having come from evangelical christianity I knew how insanely determined and entirely deluded those folks can be. I saw where they were going. I’d had enough of the political bullshit and pathetic spineless sniveling of the general public. I still have. Nevertheless I have to stick my head out of the gopher-hole for just a moment.

Long before The Prickodent ran for president I had learned about Dominionism. Dominionism is a cult of christian fanatics whose goal is for god, aka Jesus Christ, to have “dominion” over not just our nation but the world. It is a particular “end-times” theology. Dominionists believe the second coming will not happen until they establish a christian world where god has “dominion.” It sounds wacky. It is wacky. But it has far more supporters and much more power than anyone might think.

Dominionism and Christian Nationalism are not exactly the same thing, though they splash around in the same mud holes. Dominionists have been pumping up the steam for a very long time. They follow some very specific goals which will lead to god’s “dominion” over the nation and the world. Their activities go back decades, to when Pat Robertson—700 Club wacko—ran for president. He was and no doubt is a strong proponent of Dominionism.

Some Christian Nationalists may be Dominionists but most of them are not. The latest iteration of Christian Nationalism rose up and put on red MAGA hats and voted a nutcase into office. Most of them are the radical fringe. They demand the U.S. become a “christian” nation like “our founding fathers meant for it to be.” (Of course, our founding fathers meant no such thing.) The difference between all those loud-mouth Christian Nationalists and the snarky Dominionists is brain power.

Dominionists are thinkers and planners. They’re not going to go off half-cocked on some binge to flip the country. Dominionists may be deluded but they are educated and intelligent. Christian Nationalists come from the other side of the religious tracks. Christian Nationalists are not very educated, not smart at all, and have a very skewed view of the country and the world. They are mostly idiots.

The problem is, though, that both groups want basically the same thing. They want a “christian nation.” They want to shove their religious bullshit down every American’s throat. They want the likes of us pagans, atheists, reprobates and the like to burn. They want gay folks and trans people to be locked up or flogged. They want to force christianity into every aspect of our lives.

Christian Nationalist morons are the foot soldiers of the savvy Dominionists. They elected The Prickodent and called him the New Jesus. No doubt The Prickodent disgusted Dominionists but they were able to get their kind of people on the Supreme Court, where they can work their agenda. Roe-v-Wade is only the beginning. If Domionists can break down the barriers they’ll have their way. The other guys, Christian Nationalists, just want Jesus in control, by god!

You should google the terms Christian Nationalism and Dominionism and find out what the fuck is going on. Get informed! Then maybe you can rant and rave about it, like me. And you might, I don’t know, maybe vote or something. I can assure you that if people don’t get their collective heads out of their collective asses this country is going to go all Hallelujah Holy on us. It will not be a pretty sight.

Like I’ve said, I was raised in evangelical christianity. Christians are told they are sheep. They act like sheep. (Look up how sheep act!) They will follow idiots and evangelists (that is redundant) wherever those deceitful bastards lead. I was never a sheep and all that following made me sick. At least, it did eventually. That’s why I left. But those guys will follow. Christian Nationalists will get them all riled up. Their evangelical preachers will stir them about. And Dominionists will slip in and do their thing while the morons are storming the castle. Or Capitol. Whatever. That’s coming, brother. Trust me on this.

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