About the Website

Updated September 24, 2022

This website is the creation of myself, H.J. Ted Gresham.  I’ve had quite a number of websites over the years.  One more can’t hurt, can it?  I created it to promote my books and writing.  Writing is a bit useless if it’s not read.  But that’s not the only reason, not by far.

This site gives me the opportunity to speak to the world about the things that matter the most. My audience may be a bit small and my talent limited but I’m making the effort. I am a writer. I am also a thinker, a human being, a fellow traveler on this spinning rock. I am an atheist and a stoic, both by choice. Neither position is amendable or will ever change. I am who I am, love me or not.

Just for grins, I have a very large collection of photos here from the past few decades. You can see a few of the places I have been, some of the things I have done all these years. Feel free to use them as you wish though I ask for attribution if you use them commercially. More on restrictions on the primary photos page.

 I have lived a very unique life.  I’ve made plenty of mistakes and misjudgments, but I have also survived some very difficult times.  I’ve also fulfilled a few of my boyhood dreams.  I figured that since I have this platform already I could share some of my eccentricities and fun ideas, too.  Tucked in here and there are a few little surprises to give you a grin or a grimace, whichever comes first.

Thanks for stopping by.  Please look around and come back soon as things will change and there will be new stuff!

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H.J. Ted Gresham,

December 29, 2021