About the Website

This website is the creation of myself, H.J. Ted Gresham.  I’ve had quite a number of websites over the years.  One more can’t hurt, can it?  I created it to promote my books and writing.  Writing is a bit useless if it’s not read. 

I thought space and possibilities are wasted if I didn’t do more than a simple display of books.  I have a very large collection of photos from the past few decades, so I decided I’d share them. I tried to find a way to present them on this site and there were so many no software would work. Then I found SmugMug.com and put them all there with a link from here. Works very well and SmugMug is a great site to show photos.

 I put together the store to help pay for the costs of this website and eventually provide some income.  I’m stuck with a tiny Social Security check and am unable to work so I could use a few extra bucks.  Lastly, after searching around, looking for ways to make more income, it became abundantly clear to me that since I am a very skilled, trained and experienced writer I could offer services to others, from giving instructions and coaching writers to providing material, content for others and businesses who need it. So I’ll do it!

I have lived a very unique life.  I’ve made plenty of mistakes and misjudgments, but I have also survived some very difficult times.  I’ve also fulfilled a few of my boyhood dreams.  I figured that since I have this platform already I could share some of my eccentricities and fun ideas, too.  Tucked in here and there are a few little surprises to give you a grin or a grimace, whichever comes first.

There’s not much more that needs to be said about this website other than whenever I ask for your information, I will keep it secure, would never sell it, and will never send you anything you have not asked for.  That I promise.

When it comes to cookies, l prefer not to get them so I won’t use them unless it’s to help you avoid repetitious intros and such when you return.

Thanks for stopping by.  Please look around and come back soon as things will change and there will be new stuff!

Contact me using the button below if you like.

H.J. Ted Gresham,

December 29, 2021