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  • a systematic philosophy, dating from around 300 b.c., that held the principles of logical thought to reflect a cosmic reason instantiated in nature.
  • (lowercase) conduct conforming to the precepts of the Stoics, as repression of emotion and indifference to pleasure or pain.

A Stoic person behaves by acting on what they can control, which helps them focus on what’s important. Furthermore, since they don’t act on the things they can’t control, they remain calm aqnd almost without emotion despite life’s adversities. Because of this, they behave and accept what happens without any complaints.

From “What Is A Stoic Person Like…”

Why Stoicism

If there’s one overriding thing I understand after all these years it is that emotion equals either pleasure or pain. It is skewed towards pain. I have had plenty of physical pain. It was unpleasant. I have also had emotional pain. It was far worse. Emotional pain and emotions have shaped my world view. It has led me to where I am. I am at a good place now but the journey has been horrific.

Through the years I have become more stoic and less ruled by emotions. This has made me more stable and clear-headed. When humans let their heart override their head the tend to be impulsive and make very stupid mistakes. Logic and reality are far more stable guides than a heart planted on a shoulder.