That Old Devil: Procrastination

I was going to do it but, well, I just didn’t. Do what? Yeah. All that. You know, update the website, write an exciting new novel, advertise my site some. I was going to clean the house but haven’t. I have projects and chores and all kinds of stuff to do but, um, well, you know. That bastard keeps sitting on my lap. Procrastination.

I did rise to the occasion this morning to actually get on here and do some changes and updates. Well, I’m working on it if it’s not up when you read this. Really I am. I’m putting some more slides on the various funnies and so forth down at the bottom. I might even bring myself to work on some adverts, though today I have one thing I must do I can’t put off. I have to clean our aquarium and move it. The damn thing is green, for the second time, and nothing will stop it. I think it’s getting too much sun so it’s going somewhere else.

I looked that evil bastard up this morning just for fun. Here’s what I found:

Why do I procrastinate? Procrastination is driven by a variety of thoughts and habits but fundamentally, we avoid tasks or put them off because we do not believe we’ll enjoy doing them, and want to avoid making ourselves unhappy, or we fear that we won’t do them well. People may also procrastinate when they are confused by the complexity of a task (such as filing one’s taxes) or when they’re overly distracted or fatigued.

What are the psychological roots of procrastination? Psychologists have identified various drivers of procrastination, from low self-confidence to anxiety, a lack of structure, and, simply, an inability to motivate oneself to complete unpleasant tasks. Research has also shown that procrastination is closely linked to rumination, or becoming fixated on negative thoughts.

Procrastination and Depression. Procrastination, avoidance, and rumination are all common symptoms of depression. People with depression may struggle to plan ahead, lose confidence in their ability to follow through, and adopt “what’s the point” thinking.


In my case it’s “overly distracted.” My brain is rolling along trying to make sense out of impossible situations. The amount of things that need to be done is overwhelming. The time to do them is limited. And I’d rather being doing something else: traveling! So I am considerably distracted.

Check the box, “Lack of structure, and, simply, inability to motivate oneself to complete unpleasant tasks,” too. I never was very good at working in a structured environment. It’s too confining. When I make something in the shop I rarely used a plan or pattern. I just go at it until it’s done. I only have a rudimentary plan in my head. And the second part of that quote, who likes to wash clothes, wash dishes, sweep floors, etc.? If you do please come over! I could use your help!

OK. Maybe this one too: “…common symptom of depression.” I’m not exactly crying in my beer. I’m usually pretty upbeat. I’m healthier and feel better than I have in a long time. I have lost lots of weight and still working on that. But there’s a lot of things I need and want to do that are out of my reach at the moment. I live for travel but my car isn’t in shape to travel and my pocketbook is rather empty. Moreover I’ve been looking high and low for a companion to travel with and no luck there either. Our house is in shambles and I can’t even figure out where to start to get it repaired. Lots of stuff kicking me in the ass. So I sit down at my desk and waste time instead of working.

A long time ago I used to have a wooden coin that was labeled a “tuit.” In a circle around the edge it said, “a round tuit.” Well, I lost that coin and can’t seem to get “a round to-it” anymore. Sad but true.

This has just been a thinking-out-loud kind of thing. I will now have just a bit of joy that I finally got around to writing another blog. Amazing! But then I am here doing this to put off less exciting chores. ha! Have a good day.

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