Short Stories

Short Story Collection

This collection of short stories is some of my best work. They were created over the years for quite a few purposes. Now I list them here for your enjoyment, read them online or download where indicated and read them. There’s no charge. Free download! Click on whichever type you want, ebook or PDF.

Lot Lizard

If there’s one thing ubiquitous at most truck stops, it’s Lot Lizards. These are prostitutes that prey on lonely truck drivers.

Here’s a little story about a driver that encounters a young girl trying to be one to make money to go home.



Life was simpler in the 1960s, or so it seems. But it was riddled with pain and tragedy. This little story is about how a family could find fun and laughter even when everything was going to hell.

Read this story and find out why Stacy laughed.


The Truck

There are just some people who love their trucks more than anything in the world. More even than their wife? Well, this is a toss-up.


One Lump Sum

The CBI theater was the most thankless place for soldiers to serve back in World War II. CBI stands for China, Burma, India. Soldiers in Burma and China were in the shooting war but India was just long days of heat, humidity, endless miles of phone wire, hours and hours of radio teletype. Old uniforms and British rations. And the weirdest culture imaginable.

GI’s had to find ways to amuse themselves. One of their perks, though, were coolies and Chinese servants and cooks. See how that worked out for one soldier.

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The Teddybear

I drove a truck over-the-road a couple of times in my life. I met all kinds of drivers. Some were hard-nosed lifers, already devoid of friends or family. Some were company guys, devoted to the industry and looking up for promotion. And some were just making a living. That group is the one most often driving too long, being too lonely, missing home too much. This is a little story about one of them.


Avro Kelty

Flung from the space station across a vast convulsing chasm Avro awoke on a little deserted island. He was alone. He survived until it became too hard, and he just lay down to die. When he opened his eyes again, he was greeted by the woman he loved. Or… was she?


Gorph N Lott

Gorph slithered down rocks and across the jungle floor like any Gorph should. His pal Lott flitted above him and they talked away happy days. Until that bad day when danger came and Gorp learned the true meaning of friendship.

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Paradigm Shifts

There comes a time in many people’s life when reality is challenged by loud-mouthed proponents of lies and even evil intent. The only thing to do is resist.

But sometimes the evidence is so pervasive and overwhelming that they have to admit they were wrong. Then comes the Paradigm Shift.



When I flew to Vancouver I knew I had a good story to write. I didn’t know how much the trip would change my life. My new friend was beautiful, exciting, fun. She was small, barely five foot tall and thin as a rail.

But behind that great smile and inside that little frame were the evidences of a life of unbelievable terror, incredible pain and more. And most people would not even believe her story. I did and it introduced me to a plethora of new realities.