Questions Silly Christians Ask

There is a guy on YouTube, an atheist, responded to fifty questions “written by some person in comic sans.” Whatever that means. He made a video to answer those questions. The video was interesting but his answers were a little different than I would answer so I decided to give them a shot myself. The other guy’s answers were a bit too cerebral and sometimes not as direct as I tend to be.

The last few questions seem a bit …odd… and it’s hard to believe ordinary christians would ask them but I took a shot at them anyway.

I did not bother with images in this post. Hope I have not bored you too much with actual words.

The original YouTube is at the bottom of this post. Here goes…

  1. Why don’t you believe in god.
    1. Because after fifty years it finally occurred to me that the whole idea is absurd.
    2. Because the size of the universe completely negates the idea that some “creator” made all that and then concentrated on a nothing planet in all this space.
    3. Because there’s no such thing as an “answered prayer.”
    4. Because there isn’t one.
  2. Where is your evidence that god doesn’t exist?
    1. Where’s your evidence that a god does exist?
    2. Which god do you want me to “prove” does not exist?
    3. It’s a stupid question. Next…
  3. Why do you hate god?
    1. I don’t. Why would I “hate” something / someone that does not exist?
  4. Do you believe in the existence of Jesus?
    1. No
  5. If no, where is your evidence that Jesus didn’t exist?
    1. Historical records.
    2. There were many men in the era and location that were named yeshu‘a, the original name for Jesus. Look it up.
    3. Even if there was some prophet that did exist who is named “Jesus” that does not prove divinity.
  6. Why do you hate Jesus.
    1. I don’t. Same reason I don’t hate god.
  7. Have you ever read the Bible?
    1. Yes, cover to cover and many, many times.
  8. Do you believe people have souls?
    1. Define soul.
    2. Even if people have souls or something beyond their physical body it would not prove there is a god.
  9. If no, what is your evidence?
    1. I did not say no. I do not know.
    2. You have to define “soul.”
  10. Do you reject all gods or just the christian god?
    1. All gods.
  11. Why do you care so much about what other people believe?
    1. I don’t, as long as they keep it to themselves.
    2. And I do, because I don’t like seeing people waste their lives and becoming all fucked up like I was so long.
  12. Where do you get your sense of right and wrong?
    1. Humans have an innate sense of right and wrong.
    2. The definition of “right” and “wrong” is relative and changes even among christians depending on the denomination and over time.
  13. What evidence would convince you that god exists.
    1. Nothing.
    2. Or, god would have to talk to me directly.
  14. Why are you against the idea of faith?
    1. What is faith? It’s choosing to believe something you can’t prove exists. I’m not against it, I just think it’s stupid.
  15. Why do you attack christians?
    1. I don’t, ordinarily.
    2. I do when they are total idiots and demand that the country or me personally “believe” as they do, or else.
  16. Why do you hate christians?
    1. I don’t.
    2. I hate people who are bullies, who insist upon their own rules for everyone, who are cruel or selfish. Many christians fall into that category.
  17. Why do you mock and scoff at christians?
    1. Because it’s so easy to, considering so many say and do stupid things.
  18. Are you aware that you are fulfilling biblical prophecy?
    1. That’s impossible because prophecy is bullshit.
  19. Why do you want to stop people from believing in god?
    1. Because this world would be much better off without all the prejudice, hatred, self-righteousness, and lies that come from such beliefs.
    2. Because poverty would go away and wars would end.
  20. Why do you give muslims a pass?
    1. I don’t. Stupid is stupid, no what they wear or say.
  21. Why do you pretend to have all the answers?
    1. I don’t. No one does. Only a fool thinks he has answers.
    2. Religious people are the ones who claim to have all the answers.
  22. Why do you claim to be skeptical when you are unwilling to change your mind?
    1. I am always willing to change my mind.
    2. I rely on evidence and reality, not superstition and imaginary beliefs.
    3. I have already changed my mind because I woke up and saw how stupid I was.
  23. Why do you go after christian museums that are just trying to tell the truth?
    1. I am not opposed to museums that actually tell the truth.
    2. Religious doctrine and belief is not the truth and museums such as the Noah’s Arc museum and others are stupid and are designed to deceive people. I am entirely opposed to that.
    3. I think the man who built the Arc museum is an idiot who should have spent his money where his Jesus would have, on the poor and needy.
  24. How can you claim to be agnostic and atheist at the same time.
    1. I don’t. I’m atheist.
  25. Why do you reject people’s personal experiences?
    1. Many “personal experiences” are just stupid or are the result of misguided thinking.
    2. Religious epiphanies or experiences are caused by adrenaline rushes, not the holy ghost.
    3. I reject any “experience” that claims to show god at work. This includes those I had.
  26. If atheism is just an opinion, why do you behave like it’s a fact?
    1. It is neither fact nor opinion, it is what I am by definition. The fact is that I know there is no such thing as a “creator god.”
  27. How do you square the fact that some of the most evil people in history are atheists?
    1. The most evil people in history were not atheists. Hitler was a christian. Hundreds of other tyrants were religious, christian or muslim or some other religion.
  28. Why do you believe in evolution (evilution)?
    1. I don’t believe in it. I don’t “believe” in anything.
    2. Evolution seems like a good theory and there appears to be evidence that it is true.
  29. Where is your evidence for evolution?
    1. I don’t have any. Look it up.
  30. Have you ever observed evolution?
    1. I haven’t looked for it.
  31. Do you believe in abiogenesis, panspermia or creation.
    1. Creation is a stupid idea. There has to be a creator for there to be a creation.
    2. Otherwise, beats the hell out of me.
  32. If you believe in abiogenesis or panspermia where is your evidence?
    1. I don’t “believe” in anything. I said that already.
    2. I don’t know which is fact and it does not matter.
  33. What was the first life form?
    1. Which life form and where? On this planet or somewhere else?
    2. Beats the hell out of me. I was not there.
  34. Where did the first life form come from?
    1. See above.
  35. Could the first life form reproduce on its own?
    1. See above.
  36. Did the first life form have DNA?
    1. See above. I have no clue.
  37. Did the first life form seek out food or did it use biosynthesis?
    1. Um… see above.
  38. Are viruses alive?
    1. I have no clue. I just know they suck.
  39. Why do you believe in the Big Bang theory?
    1. I do not “believe” in anything. Quit asking that.
    2. It seems like a legitimate theory so it’s cool with me.
    3. I don’t know for sure, I was not there.
  40. Where is your evidence for the Big Bang?
    1. Look it up.
  41. Did you observe the Big Bang?
    1. What’s with all the Big Bang questions?
    2. No. That’s a very stupid question.
  42. Why do you believe the earth is millions of years old.
    1. Because it seems logical.
  43. Where is your evidence for the earth being millions of years old?
    1. Where is your evidence for the garden of Eden?
  44. How old are you?
    1. Old enough. 65
  45. Why do you reject the historical flood as described in genesis?
    1. Because it is stupid and illogical. Where would all the water come from? Where did it go?
    2. There are several “flood” stories in different ancient cultures.
    3. The Chinese and the Aztecs have no record of it happening and they were around then.
    4. If it did happen I’d hate your god because it is a description of mass murder. How can christians not see that? It bothered me all the time I was a christian.
  46. Where is your evidence that the flood didn’t happen.
    1. I don’t need evidence, just a brain that can rationalize what can and cannot possibly be real.
    2. See above, the Chinese and Aztec people didn’t get washed away.
  47. Why do you reject the story of the garden of Eden?
    1. I reject all myths.
    2. It’s a stupid idea.
    3. If it were true it would be the first instance of a selfish, cruel god.
    4. It would mean that the whole human race is the result of incest.
  48. Where is your evidence that the garden of Eden didn’t exist?
    1. Where is yours that it did?
    2. You want me to prove a negative. That is not possible.
  49. Why do you reject the sacrifice that Jesus made?
    1. What sacrifice? He “died” for a couple days and then came back?
    2. He was god so he could tune out any pain.
    3. People are not “sinners” and didn’t need “salvation.”
    4. Jesus is a myth.
  50. Where is your evidence that Jesus wasn’t crucified?
    1. Lots of people were crucified in that era. It was a horrible thing to do. If there was some guy named Jesus he may have been. Does not make him god.

Here’s the original YouTube:

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