Find yourself a comfortable place to sit and take a look at the pictures in this archive. These photos represent over twenty years of travels and life experiences. Some are better than others. A few are just weird. Some are really beautiful. There is certainly a diversity of images. You won’t find a collection quite this unique anywhere else. You may download and use any of them with certain restrictions.* I will be adding more, not only from my past but photos taken in the future. Hope you like some of them! Enjoy!

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* Anyone is free to view, download and/or use for any any personal use, precluding restrictions that follow. If any image is used commercially Please consult me before use. Wherever possible please indicate this site as your source.

Restrictions: None of these images may be used either personally or professionally on a website, in material or otherwise where the content represents racist, bigoted, slanderous or illegal activity. None of these images may be used either personally or professionally on any website, in any material or otherwise where the subject is or encourages pornography, lewd or similar materials.

Although I offer these images free of charge (with limitations above) to anyone I retain full copyright. These images or parts of these images may not be used as indicated above nor for a business use, website, brochures, etc. without my permission. If I find these images used in an inappropriate manner I will insist they be deleted and the user will be barred from using any other images from this archive. Failure to remove the images after my request to do so in a reasonable period of time legal action will be pursued to have the images removed and the user held responsible for damages and illegal use of copyrighted material.

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