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Damn, almost a month since I’ve been here! OK, I’ve been busy. Really I have. Besides all the slaving housework (haha!) I have been working on some new projects that I will be linking to and promoting soon. It’s going to be all about stuff to sell, or rather, stuff for you to buy. More on that later.

I have also been busy making some vids and getting on new platforms, like Tik Tok. I have six fids there so far, and more cooking up in my brain. Variations of those are on my Facebook and Instagram. My name on Tik Tok is @tedgreswham1. Go take a look if you’re a Tok’er.

On this site I have posted a new blog and plan to upload more memes to the meme library. I’m going to try a couple other things too, if I can get them working.

As far as myself goes, I’m great. Loosing weight, staying healthy, moving forward.

Look around! Order my books! Thanks!


I broke away from the evil demon ‘procrastination.’ Today I wrote another blog and added more images to the meme collections at the bottom of the page. Lovely!

Update on me: I have not had the other tests the cardiologist wanted. Maybe soon, I’ll have to call and schedule. Not going to be cut on again, though, I already have two scars that start at my throat and go all the way to my groin in a nice jagged line. arg!

Otherwise I’m just keeping to my diet even though I seem to be stuck. My weight is hanging in the upper 250’s. I guess it’ll come on down soon. I eat so many pickles (very low calories) that I’m going to turn green! Ha.

Thanks for stopping by. Hope you have a great day and enjoy my site.


A bit of time has passed since I last wrote. I’ve been a bit busy and a bit sick. A week and a half ago The Virus (Covid) caught up with me in spite of the shot I had last year. I had odd symptoms, headache, dizzy and weak. That’s it. Now I am all better and the test I took today was negative. Onward and forward!

The stress test mentioned in the previous update turned out to show something is wrong, according to the doctor. I’ll be going in for a heart cath soon. We’ll see how that goes.

Today I uploaded some more funnies and such memes. If I have time I will change the page a little but not sure if I’ll get there. I am washing clothes so my wife and I can get ready for our anniversary tomorrow.

We had planned to take four days in San Antonio but we both got Covid, as did her very aged and fragile mother, so we felt the trip to San Antonio would be too much. Not sure what we’ll do now, my wife is still “deciding.” I will try to keep you in formed.

Have a terrific day and enjoy my site!


Today after a little diversion to the Drs. Ofc for a chemical stress test (no results back yet) I came home and put some more advertising on my website. I tweaked the sight a bit. I did put those little headers/footers saying “advertisement” or some such because I think that’s kind of lame. I think anyone with a lick off sense will recognize them for what they are. The ones without sense will not get anything.

Tomorrow I go back to working on a Texas video I started yesterday. You gonna like it!

Have a nice day.


Yesterday I created a promo video for the main website! Nice, huh? This morning I tweaked the new blog “Man Bait.” More to come!


I managed to wrestle WordPress and won. Knock on wood! The website looks nice. I put a new background on it, some ads for Amazon, and uploaded a bunch more coffee memes and piss-people-off memes. I also added a little vid encouraging you to sign up on my email list. I promise no span never selling names, all information confidential. I’ll send out a notice ever week or so as an update and also when I upload more writing or pictures. If you didn’t see or were just thinking about it, quit thinking and just click here to sign up,.


It’s been a real bitch! Wrangling with WordPress is like trying to pick up an angry cat. But I dun it! Front page looks great, if I do say so myself. Added a new blog about catfish. Not the kind you eat. It has taken me too long to finish it today so soon I will upload some more memes in Coffee and Funnies. Read, order my books, and have fun!

Began another rewrite of this website.
 Previous version went to crap. The story of my life. I wish I was independently wealthy so I could hire someone to do this stuff and I could go off and write!

Changes to this site include putting the Books and Photo Archive on separate pages. Changed the background and added some transparency here and there. Put the scrolling funnies & Insults and Coffee! at the bottom of the page.