Formal Instruction

If you need a little more than coaching or occasional discussions or editing, you can consider some more formal instructions. My fees are based upon what you need and never very much. I can help you finish a paper or some kind of report or whatever for work. I can review and edit your work. Or I can teach you American English.

Let me advise you on something nobody else will. Those AI type assistants such as Grammarly or the built-in help in Word are useful but they can give you bad word replacements and turn your work into a generic and boring piece. Spelling important. Punctuation is too but sometimes they go overboard. Word use they can go totally off base. Write what’s in your head, and your heart. Do it in good English but not all watered down. Just a little suggestion from a writer.

Complete the form below and tell me what you’re working on. I’ll get back to you soon and give you a ballpark figure of my fees, which will be less than you think.


H.J. Ted Gresham