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The Hurting Place

Sometimes the perfect day becomes a nightmare. It did for George. Rather than live with his pain he drowned it in an ever-flowing bottle of Gin.

Then Pug came along. He twisted George around and, in the end, gave the old man something to save his life.


This is a novel born of a reality that could not be told. It is purely fictional but has all the elements of a true story.

There is a reality beyond the one we know, a horrific reality where powers and entities rule, and people are merely PAWNS.

The New Republic of Texas

Born of my desire to really discover what it would take for Texas to secede, this book tells what I learned and much more. It has adventure, excitement, danger, patriotism, and even a little bit of romance. Grab it, read it and be proud to be a Texan.

The Hurting Place is a novel that explores loss and pain, guilt and forgiveness, Joy, anger and humanity. Grab your copy and discover what the Hurting Place is and how George found it.


Pawn: The Untold Story

I went all the way to Vancouver to meet Tiny so I could get her story. From what she’d told me it was a hell of a story. We first met in a pub in the basement of the hotel where I was staying. She was short, petite, attractive, with big and very intense eyes. She swore repeatedly that everything she said was true. We spent a week getting to know each other and looking forward to a long (and profitable if the book sold) friendship. The time went too fast and I flew back to Texas and got busy writing her story.

I dashed off the short version and got it accepted by FATE Magazine! The article was good and I knew it. FATE accepting it proved I was right. With that piece in the biggest paranormal magazine in the country I was bound to have the exposure to sell the book. But they needed an affidavit from her verifying I was not making the whole thing up. No problem.

But there was a problem. I asked her to get affidavit signed and back to me ASAP. But she hesitated and very shortly she clammed up, refused to sign an affidavit, and then just disappeared. She had adamantly told me “they” would not allow it, and forget it. I had no choice. I took pieces of her story and mixed it with other things I’d learned and wrote PAWN.

A year later I had a brief conversation with her via email. She said she’d been very ill and was still not healthy. Then nothing. I missed her and I still do. When I began this website I tried to look her up. I found that she had passed away many years ago, still in her forties. All that’s left is this book and a whole bunch of good memories.

Thank you for reading.


Tiny and I in Vancouver
Me in Vancouver

The New Republic of Texas

There are a lot of people in Texas who wish for, and dream for, Texas to secede and return to the Republic it once was. Most of those who advocate it these days lean for to the Political right. My views are quite centrist but I have to confess I have the same dream. Perhaps not for the same reasons but I believe a majority of Texans feel wistful when they think about The Republic of Texas had it not joined the U.S.. I believe Texas would have been and would be better off if it stood on its own as an independent nation.

When I sat down to write this novel a few years ago I ran through my mind a scenario in which Texas could legitimately secede. I mapped out the process and I believe it is one that is very possible. Of course every good story needs a Boogeyman and this novel has one. It becomes the catalyst that forces a quiet, reserved rancher to stand against a host of obstacles and wrestle Texas away from an America fast falling into a dark future where the boogeymen hold power above and beyond whatever was happening in Washington, DC.

This book has been on Amazon for a few years and I’ve gotten some great reviews. The only negative review came because of my poor editing, not the story. I have completely reedited the story and it is now much better in wording but the story remains untouched. I urge you to get a copy and read it for yourself. If you’re a Texan, especially, you’ll sympathize with Hank Pennington. If not you’ll get a glimpse of how we in Texas feel about our country state.

Get your copy and see if I ain’t totally right!

Listen to a few comments made by readers and a short into to the book:
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