About H.J. Ted Gresham

In brief, very brief, I cover the highlights of my life which is one of those “Rippleys Believe It or Not” stories.

About Me

December 2021

I am 65, currently living in Lufkin, Texas.  I’m married with two adult children.  One of them, my daughter, lives in this town and the other, my son, is a proud Marine.  My wife works an 8 to 5 job.  I am at home due to being somewhat disabled and still recovering from a long hospital stay last year.

Two years ago I spent three and a half months in the hospital. It was due to malpractice and negligence at St. Luke’s Memorial in Lufkin, Texas. It was a horrendous time and turned me from a fairly healthy man into a bed-ridden invalid. I fought back. Now I am healthier and more able than I was even before that internment. I would have sued that hospital but could find no attorney willing to take the case. I know what happened but I can’t prove it because I was in a coma most of the time. I will forever hate that hospital and those pathetic physicians / staff and wish them all the worst in life.

Before then I worked many jobs over the years in differing fields.  I’ve been a truck driver, a car driver (Uber), cashier, food service manager, welfare caseworker, radio program director and announcer, air conditioning, and maintenance mechanic.  I was a shoe salesman once and office manager of a flight school!  I have a BA in History with educational training in Air Conditioning Maintenance, Truck Driving, History, Government, Paralegal, and Counseling.  I’ve lived a few dreams and suffered through a few nightmares

Whatever else I have done, I am and have always been a writer.  From my youth, I have been driven to write.  I’ve written many, many things over the years from books and articles for sale to essays and legal papers and poetry.  My works are my foundation, the characters my companions, my ideas for new things to write keep me moving forward.  I’m most proud of my work and my abilities. I began in the days of pen and paper and manual typewriters.  I progressed through many iterations of computers, gone through dozens of PCs from an 8088 (look it up) to a Dell laptop.  It’s been a long journey.

But there’s even more.  I have done all kinds of work over the years and kept writing.  But I have a few hobbies and activities I love to do.  I love to fish.  I love to travel more.  I’ve played a few board games.  I’m a decent cook when I want to be, and I’ll talk your ears off if given the chance.

I am comfortable with me.  Even so, I face personal challenges, mostly that stem from my hospital stay.  I am, in fact, reconstructing myself and my life after last year’s traumatic events which changed me in several ways.  I do not know fear, but I am not foolish.  And I am claustrophobic.

Im open-minded, entirely not religious, caring, and loving but I can be a hard ass on occasion.   I hate settling things by aggression violence, but I will if necessary.  My head is always in the stars.  All things relating to space travel and etc. excite me and I am definitely a Trekkie.

The only thing I truly live for besides writing is travel.  Seeing new places, smelling new smells, meeting new people, I love all of it.  I have traveled for work through 40 something states and for pleasure about six or seven.  I plan on doing a lot more traveling, as far as my budget will allow.

My personality is not describable, somewhere on that thin line between intelligence and insanity.  My outlook is bleak.  Troubled times are coming. 

I am an open book and will answer almost any question you ask if I can.  This little bio has been as brief as I could make it. Many things have been left out.  More of who I am will be found elsewhere, discovered in my blogs, and intimated in my writing. 

Thank you for visiting my website.  I hope you find something useful and helpful here.

H.J. Ted Gresham