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This is the idiosyncratic website of an eccentric teller of tales, occasional thinker and affirmed cynic.

“Men are disturbed not by things, but by the view which they take of them.”


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A book by H.J. Ted Gresham

Newly Revised for 2023

In 2007 Ted wrote this book just as he was exiting Christianity. It exposes the lies within Christian culture, tells the truth about Christianity, and offers an alternative way of life. Ted is currently editing this work to reflect his current views and beliefs.

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Website Updates

03/20/23 – Posted information about upcoming re-publishing of my book The Lies, The Truth, The Way

03/06/23 – Complete restructuring of front page.

Updated my “about” page. Added some stuff I forgot and removed those goofy little in-line images. Changed front page a bit. Trying to get this page to load quicker.

Who am I? What is this thing called life that I’ve plundered? It’s been a thick and viscous goo which I’ve plowed through with so many blocks and miss-steps along the way. I’ve had to review all those blocks and miss-steps as I’ve written my updated bio. I have it finished. Go read it. I promise you it’s true.


I’ve been on break for a while. Not just the holidays but just worn out of doing a website. I’ve been spending time at other things. I have been working on a blog, “I Hate Cheating…” for a while. It has been hard to write but I think I said what I wanted to. Doing a few more things in the coming days if I get around to it. Until then:

Here’s wishing everyone a Happy New Year!

Today, November 22, I added the narrative at the top and changed some of the things around.


Time is fun when you’re having flies. So says the frog, whatzisname. I’ve been trying to be more productive over-all things and thus have not updated this site much lately. I did finish my new bio. I let it all hang out, metaphorically speaking. Check it out. Link is above and in the menu.

I did some work in my shop and chopped a nice chunk of thumb off on the table saw. Fifty years and first time to do something that stupid. Getting old and wobbly. Maybe I should find some new hobbies.

Anyway, I am going to try and get some new memes up if the nurse don’t get here first.

Thanks for stopping by!


Uploaded some more memes to Atheism, Funnies and Coffee.


Added a little block about my view of the world, aka, atheism. There’s a link to a blog where I explain myself further. As I said above, it is not my intent to offend, but inform. The problem is not anything more than a lack of understanding and insight. In order to see reality you must have both of them.

As me questions if you wish. Send complaints. Tell me off or tell me you like what I write. Whatever makes you happy!


Sorry. I figured out this morning some pages were screwed up. I changed the colors and images and forgot to check them all. See there? I need a pro who will do this shit for me without charging a fortune. Sigh.

Otherwise, I am still cranking out vids and images for stocism and atheism. I’ll try to get them all added here asap.


Stoic page up and running. There are some very useful links to other sites providing info on stoicism. I’m working on a number of meme images.

Otherwise I’ve been trying to make the site look a bit better. Hopefully I can do that.

I discovered the site was not working this morning. The problem was my backup plugin had put so much stuff on the server that it went over the limit. All those backups were deleted and I backed up the site the old fashioned way, by ftp’ing the whole thing to my hard drive.


Working on a new page about Stoics and Stoicism. You’ll have to check it out. I have been a stoic for as long as I can remember. Since I was a kid I admired Spock, of Star Trek, for his logic and separation from the harms and tragedy of emotion. Only later did I discover his philosophy is nothing Gene Roddenberry invented but an ancient philosophy which has influenced culture in many ways. Check out the page, it’s growing day by day!

Otherwise I’ve been trying to get the website to load faster. I just can’t bring myself to sacrifice the important elements so it’s a struggle. If anyone has great wisdom of WordPress and etc., advice is appreciated!


I’ve been arguing with this page for a couple of days. Eventually I won. The page was not loading properly. I figured out it was a bad plugin. If you fool with these things be careful what you plug in. I went round and round before I figured out that just deleting a couple of plugins fixed it up. Arg. Now I’m back to work on my videos. Have a lovely day!


I’ve been working very hard on this website, trying to make it better, make it look better, and offer more. There’s still lots of things that need to be done but it’s much better now than it was, I think. I added links to my social media, postings from Facebook and Instagram, and some like buttons under a cute little flip box

If you visit and like what you find please send me a note. There’s a form on the top menu for you to send me a message. Soon there’ll be an easier one to complete. Just come back and see!

I have been busy making videos and posting things on social media. Check some of those things out, too.


LOOK! Brand new site just for my books. Buy the ebooks directly from there! TexasAuthor.us

Otherwise, not much else. Putting a link to the new site on this main site. Still trying to figure out how to speed this page up. That’s about it.


I have been working on updating my website to improve its looks and speed up loading. I hope it looks better. Some things are links now instead of on the page. I dressed it all up.


Damn, almost a month since I’ve been here! OK, I’ve been busy. Really I have. Besides all the slaving housework (haha!) I have been working on some new projects that I will be linking to and promoting soon. It’s going to be all about stuff to sell, or rather, stuff for you to buy. More on that later.

I have also been busy making some vids and getting on new platforms, like Tik Tok. I have six fids there so far, and more cooking up in my brain. Variations of those are on my Facebook and Instagram. My name on Tik Tok is @tedgreswham1. Go take a look if you’re a Tok’er. On this site I have posted a new blog and plan to upload more memes to the meme library. I’m going to try a couple other things too, if I can get them working.

As far as myself goes, I’m great. Loosing weight, staying healthy, moving forward. Look around! Order my books! Thanks!


I broke away from the evil demon ‘procrastination.’ Today I wrote another blog and added more images to the meme collections at the bottom of the page. Lovely!

Update on me: I have not had the other tests the cardiologist wanted. Maybe soon, I’ll have to call and schedule. Not going to be cut on again, though, I already have two scars that start at my throat and go all the way to my groin in a nice jagged line. arg!

Otherwise I’m just keeping to my diet even though I seem to be stuck. My weight is hanging in the upper 250’s. I guess it’ll come on down soon. I eat so many pickles (very low calories) that I’m going to turn green! Ha.

Thanks for stopping by. Hope you have a great day and enjoy my site.


A bit of time has passed since I last wrote. I’ve been a bit busy and a bit sick. A week and a half ago The Virus (Covid) caught up with me in spite of the shot I had last year. I had odd symptoms, headache, dizzy and weak. That’s it. Now I am all better and the test I took today was negative. Onward and forward!

The stress test mentioned in the previous update turned out to show something is wrong, according to the doctor. I’ll be going in for a heart cath soon. We’ll see how that goes.

Today I uploaded some more funnies and such memes. If I have time I will change the page a little but not sure if I’ll get there. I am washing clothes so my wife and I can get ready for our anniversary tomorrow.

We had planned to take four days in San Antonio but we both got Covid, as did her very aged and fragile mother, so we felt the trip to San Antonio would be too much. Not sure what we’ll do now, my wife is still “deciding.” I will try to keep you in formed.

Have a terrific day and enjoy my site!


Today after a little diversion to the Drs. Ofc for a chemical stress test (no results back yet) I came home and put some more advertising on my website. I tweaked the sight a bit. I did put those little headers/footers saying “advertisement” or some such because I think that’s kind of lame. I think anyone with a lick off sense will recognize them for what they are. The ones without sense will not get anything.

Tomorrow I go back to working on a Texas video I started yesterday. You gonna like it!

Have a nice day.


Yesterday I created a promo video for the main website! Nice, huh? This morning I tweaked the new blog “Man Bait.” More to come!


I managed to wrestle WordPress and won. Knock on wood! The website looks nice. I put a new background on it, some ads for Amazon, and uploaded a bunch more coffee memes and piss-people-off memes. I also added a little vid encouraging you to sign up on my email list. I promise no span never selling names, all information confidential. I’ll send out a notice ever week or so as an update and also when I upload more writing or pictures.


It’s been a real bitch! Wrangling with WordPress is like trying to pick up an angry cat. But I dun it! Front page looks great, if I do say so myself. Added a new blog about catfish. Not the kind you eat. It has taken me too long to finish it today so soon I will upload some more memes in Coffee and Funnies. Read, order my books, and have fun!


Began another rewrite of this website. Previous version went to crap. The story of my life. I wish I was independently wealthy so I could hire someone to do this stuff and I could go off and write!

Changes to this site include putting the Books and Photo Archive on separate pages. Changed the background and added some transparency here and there. Put the scrolling funnies & Insults and Coffee! at the bottom of the page.

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