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Writer, traveler, dabbler in many things. I’m unique and unusual. I’m eccentric like I am supposed to be. I’ve been a lot of places, done a lot of things, and now here I am on this website. Sweet!

OK, I let fall more about me here than anyone should tell but ya know vanity has no stopping point. Sad but true.

Forget the invanity of me and recognize the multi-jeweled crown of the vocabulary I use! And the voc’ you use too!

Let’s celebrate words, writing, reading! Join me to extol the excruciating euphoria of writing and the rapturous bliss of reading! Yes!

Or to phrase it more succinctly, words are dope, writing is lit, and finding a good read is bitchin’! So come on, let’s click some pages!

PS: The corn is free.

The Good Stuff:
  • Author’s Outlet – my terrific store
  • Good Reads, mostly free!
  • Pictures! Thousands, free to use as you wish.
  • Readers Club – information, entertainment, bargain products, and free books!
  • And that ever-promised “more to come.”

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