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Welcome to my world! I have my books listed here, a lot of my pictures, some of my short stories, and a bit of my rambling. there are a few more things here too. It’s new and updated! read on!

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Author and Writer

Thes are some of my best but by no means all of my short stories. I’ll scramble up a few more as soon as I can.

Available on Amazon, the three books I’ve completed are great reads in three very different genres. See just below for more information or search Ted Gresham on Amazon.com.

Warning: unadulterated attitude. I try to keep my website somewhat professional but, on my blog, you never know what I will say.

My Books!

The Hurting Place

Sometimes the perfect day becomes a nightmare. It did for George. Rather than live with his pain he drowned it in an ever-flowing bottle of Gin.

Then Pug came along. He twisted George around and, in the end, gave the old man something to save his life.


This is a novel born of a reality that could not be told. It is purely fictional but has all the elements of a true story.

There is a reality beyond the one we know, a horrific reality where powers and entities rule, and people are merely PAWNS.

The New Republic of Texas

Born of my desire to really discover what it would take for Texas to secede, this book tells what I learned and much more. It has adventure, excitement, danger, patriotism, and even a little bit of romance. Grab it, read it and be proud to be a Texan.


The Untold Story

I went all the way to Vancouver to meet her so I could tell her story. It was a hell of a story. In the end fear of “them” kept me from telling it. I wrote PAWN instead. Here are some photos from my trip. She was a strong and terrific person and I miss her still.

The New Republic of Texas

Leading Texas

The story of Texas Independence as told in the novel The New Republic of Texas is an exciting description of what could be. Leading the revolution from state to nation was a rancher from central Texas named Hank Pennington. These are some of the words he spoke.

“At the risk of sounding like some nutcase I must tell you that this country, the U.S., will soon become a corporate run totalitarian state.”

“…The state of Texas has for way too long been held virtual hostage to monied interests, not all of which have their base in the state.  This era is soon to end.  The rule of law and respect for our constitution will be restored.  This I promise.”

“If I sound passionate about Texas it’s only because I am..”

My Photography Archive

This archive is a work in progress. These links take you two my Google picture pages. Feel free to view or download as you wish. If you want to use these for private use then help yourself. If you want to use these on a website or otherwise for business please let me know and be sure to give me credit if it is possible. All of these photos are mine and I retain the copyright. Enjoy!

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